Testimony – Krzysztof M

Testimony of Christopher M

                                 The testimony was sentenced to 25 years in prison

Confession of a man who went to prison for years for the evil that was doing. I was a man       living without God. My God was money, and so confessed. I had a wonderful family, wife,        daughter, and I could tell you everything you need for happiness. I was wrong, deceitful          man. In my heart it was not love. In general I did not know what true love is! With my dad       was divided, because I thought that I’m the smartest. Dear my marriage parted ways due to   increasing long stay in prison, which he did in a sense his.

I can also say that I was an empty man, I had the name of being alive, and I was dead, because I have not lived spiritually, but then still did not know. Today, by the grace of God     I live, I have a name and I’m not dead. In prison I met God on Christian meetings conducted by the Pentecostal church. When I first came to the meeting, all I heard was foreign to me.     I came, I listened, and so slowly born August faith in me. This belief has made me believe in God and I believe God today, and this is a significant difference.

I wanted a change of life, I realized that I wanted to live normally without thievery. I wanted to experience the living God in my life, because if others say they do not steal, have love in your heart and that God made​, why do not I take advantage of this. Increasingly, prayed and cried out to the living God. Jesus Christ is true God took pity on me and it is grace that I was granted a cheater.

In my heart, but there was no forgiveness, and even something I never knew. In 1988 he came to the prison evangelist from Sweden, who spoke about God, love and forgiveness. When finished talking, he pointed at me and said that I came. He said that the Holy Spirit showed him that I need help because I do not have a heart of forgiveness. And it was true because I could not communicate with my dad, we had a good relationship. The evangelist prayed for me, I could forgive. Then really wanted to in my heart and mind, there has been a transformation. After the prayer I wrote a letter to my dad , asking him for forgiveness. Jesus Christ has poured into my heart love, because this is clearly felt. When a year has passed since writing the letter, my dad came to me and shook hands. At the outset, he asked, ” if I believe in God”? I replied that if the dad said he is on vision. He forgave me everything, by the grace of God, we became best friends. All the time I visited, and so was the end of 2004, because in January 2005 he died, and my mother died four years earlier. The fact that now I believe God is and knows how to forgive, it made ​​Jesus Christ and the glory be to Him forever and ever.

My own ideas of life led me to prison. I was in all that bad, as evidenced sentence me to 25 years imprisonment. Only now in jail know what is life, ” free life “. Here in jail I became a free man thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ. Entrusted their lives to Jesus Christ and became a new man.

In prison, I began to tease disease. At times I had enough of everything, just getting out mentally. I had ulcerated stomach and duodenum. I could not walk, his legs refused to obey, he started to give themselves felt the spine. Got to the point that I was forced to take injections three times a day , because I almost was not able to function. Those who saw it told me that my eyes were no longer living. I took a huge amount of drugs. I received a referral to the hospital, where I was told that the rest of my life I can not eat anything baked, because I have very damaged stomach and that they are not able to help me otherwise.
I prayed to God, I cried out for help. God healed the stomach and duodenum. A study was conducted after an illness left no trace. All now I can eat and I’m not wrong, baked dishes did me no harm. After such quantities of drugs, which I accepted, I should have broken the wall of the stomach and duodenum, and there was nothing. Only God could do this miracle . Medicine did not give me any chance, unfortunately, increasingly legs refused to obey. 
The doctor said that surgery is necessary, because formed blockages in the veins. I agreed because of the pain I could not stand it. I discouraged the operation, said that the doctor who operates in this prison is simply a butcher. Even the employees of the prison to me discouraged.

In prayer, I turned to the living God, Jesus Christ, that he was present during the operation.   I believed God that everything will be fine. And so it happened. The doctor put special and operations carried out properly, which even aroused astonishment of other doctors. Today,   I run like a teenager. Hand surgeons led by the Lord and Savior, best doctor, Jesus Christ. With the spine also had trouble. X-rays showed degeneration of the cervical vertebrae. I had trouble with stooping and twisting of the head. Headache caused by cervical spine was very painful. I was forced into taking pain pills, which proved to be very effective, and at times the pain was unbearable . I preferred to God, so to speak, that wyłem because the pain was so severe. It took quite a long time.

One day I said to the other person, unless I have the spine does not hurt – I turn your head, bend over freely, and I can do all this without pain. I said then that unless God healed my cervical spine, I said ” probably ” because it was the first reaction, but confessed it before a lot of people that God healed my spine. Subsequent X-rays taken after my healing factions 15th January 2007. The result of the x-rays confirmed that the cervical spine is healthy, no sign of disease.

In the book of Isaiah chapter 59 verse 1, written, “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it can not help you , and His ear is not so dull as not to hear. I experienced this firsthand. Everything is possible for a believer, and I experienced this, and these are the words of God, Jesus Christ [Gospel of Mark chapter 9 verse 23]. Now, whatever I do, does it think of God, because God has become my life.

I wanted to be baptized, I turned to God in prayer and brought me to another Prison in Zabrze and there still asked God, I was baptized. Passes for baptism not received and was baptized in prison. The baptism took place Aug. 1 September 2007 year. God heard my prayer and that was not possible it has become possible. I was baptized by immersion in water according to the commandment of Jesus Christ [ the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28 wiersz19. After the baptism was the ” Lord’s Supper “, and it was a great experience for me and the event . God has truly freed me, pulled me from what the world offers, and today I despise all evil. Sin has become for me an abomination, for such offenders which was me. Today I have 46 years and I am living proof of God’s action. People could not change me, but used different methods. Jesus Christ moved me from death to life.

Today I have the assurance of salvation , and this is rejoice. How important is support in the prayers of all who come to the prisons to preach the Word of God , those who say that Jesus Christ can change a man. Because that’s what I Krzysztof could hear about God through these people, whom God sent to penal . Such people wrote in the Word of God [Isaiah chapter 52 verse 7 and Romans chapter 10 verse 15].

May God bless all those sent to prisons and their families, the glory of the Lord Jesus for everything.

He can not express in words everything so , so I wanted to give back because of Psalm 103 quote a fragment of lines 1 to 5, which says it all;
Bless , O my soul, the Lord
And everything in me , his holy name!
Bless , O my soul, the Lord
And forget not all his benefits!
He forgives all your guilt,
Heals all your diseases.
He saves your life from destruction;
He crowns you with love and compassion.
He imbues your good life,
So that is renewed like the eagle in your youth.

I quoted these words , because I experienced it. This is my everyday life. I wrote it all places of detention, where he entrusted his life to God, to witness to God’s glory. I am a living testimony of what God is doing in prisons. For me, life has become Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory. Hallelujah! Amen.

Brother – Christopher M

Added: 23/02/2014

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