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Text: Acts 15/1-35; reading / prayer Purpose: Preparing leaders to conduct healthy groups, institutions and the Assemblies of the Church. Main idea: The vision of the Church and the Assemblies of building on the foundation of Jesus Christ and His apostles. Introduction: A simple analogy of raising a child shows us what it needs to thrive. The child need to have certain elements: good food, lots of rest, exercise, education, and there are many elements that allow the child to grow. Similarly, the Assemblies of God Church or need a few items to be able to grow. If you run out of these items will be present lack of growth and lack of health in the body which is the Church or congregation. Church or congregation is a living being , so these elements must be present in it. Here are eight elements on which you’ll want to keep a little in August. Key Verses Bible – Acts 15/1-31; Chapter 15 of the Acts of the Apostles, is not talking about deciding State Assembly spirituality , doctrines , directing the church or the Church of Jesus Christ and many truths shown how to follow the leaders of New Testament Church and the Assemblies of the local community. I. Effective leadership [equipping] It is a big responsibility and a very important task for the leaders responsible for the community and their spiritual lif, development, growth, and spiritual health. Effective service is one that changes lives. To be effective it means strengthening the community. Qualities of a good leader is a) an open mind – to reject their beliefs, b ) good communication – listening to each other, c ) decision-making – the use of the bases of the Word of God, d) to see what is most important – the spread of the Kingdom of God in our country. II. Service using spiritual gifts and talents These are the people who minister in accordance with its endowment by the Holy Spirit. III. Spirituality Service, which is the authentic and full of passion for Jesus Christ. IV. Functional structure This means that the internal structure of the church / congregation works well. According to the teaching of Scripture / Jesus and His Apostles. V. Worship – Devotion Inspiring worship, worship. It’s not that the meeting or meetings, which is typical grinding grain in the wheel. Starting on the Books of Moses, later in the Psalms, and finally ending on Revelation, and at the end of the audience it did not know and did not take anything. The Word of God is to be the source of our strength and faith to lead a victorious life through Christ and inspiration. VI. Small groups Healthy small home groups, prayer groups for ewangelizacjami, a group of professionals in the Church (the introduction and planting of people invited to the church for the first time), three of prayer, mission groups, etc. VII. Evangelism Thoughtful sharing faith with the lost. Calling people to become followers of Jesus. Sharing testimony of life and spiritual transformation performed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. VIII. Compassion – Relationships A warm and loving relationship with the lost and believers. This world is a harsh place and people are looking for sympathy, because as leaders we need for this kind of areas to pay special attention to teach others. These are the things that will lead us to the growth and health of the Church and the Assemblies. At meetings of the Council of Elders as leaders of the church are responsible for the life of the church often ask ourselves why do not we grow, then we can open a list of eight key areas and begin analysis – worship are good, but our brothers and sisters , and we ourselves are involved in evangelism among lost. Our leaders – leaders responsible for the work entrusted to them are fine, but we only have two small home groups, and thus may need to run more groups and engage new people, because maybe this is the problem. These eight key areas never change whether in Poland, England, Australia, America or any other country. We should make better choices and selection of leaders because it is very important to our service. If we choose not wrong according to biblical principles will have problems. a. Biblical process of making a selection brothers appointed to positions in the Church and offices. b. Often leaders deal with things that are not important to their Assemblies. It is very important leadership in the Church we can understand the principle of operation of the computer. The computer has the operating system and can not see it looking at the computer but this computer is not visible behind the operating system , without which your computer would be without useful. Similarly, each congregation has / have / your operating system and this system is called a paradigm – that is something that is inside and outside the building you can not see. Generally speaking, in the world there are two types of Churches / Churches, and the difference lies in their internal system. a.There are a / Churches / Churches famed mission. This computer has an XP system that is new and is the church / congregation missionary. There is an old Dos system. Someone who has an XP system does not want to go back to the old system. b.There are Churches / Churches rumored membership. This computer has a system of Dos and it is an old operating system, which is based on membership. Based on the mission of the church is a living spirit and the congregation will not want to return to a system based on membership where nothing can push through. How are such congregations and how they differ: a. congregation belongs to the members of the congregation, and everyone has the right to vote. This is really a democratic institution, the community, which is focused inward. As a result, we have a very healthy and not biblical church or congregation, which begins to be based on membership . We have a style of worship that pleases people who are members of the congregation. Some people like the songs, and if we sang the other, they say we do not like here and go somewhere else. Then the leaders of the church to please members use music and songs that are not attracted and attractive to other unsaved people and social groups, it looks like a concert wishes and it does not matter whether it pleases God, for which you want to raise glory and praise. Thus, it comes to us in order to satisfy the people who are members of the church, not about getting to the various social groups and the lost who come to the church. And so are many Assemblies based on membership , which are not very healthy – people argue, are rifts, there are tensions, conflicts. Assemblies no such increase. Because they are focused to the inside, and not lost to the outside. Fall into stagnation and decline or disappear completely. 10 reasons why people resist the change:  

  1. The change was not their idea.
  2. It destroys their routine and reputation.
  3. Change causes fear of failure.
  4. Change causes fear of the unknown.
  5. People do not understand clearly the purpose and reason of the change.
  6. People like tradition – as always so.
  7. I do not want to incur the cost and effort associated with the change.
  8. In humans remains negative thinking – we can not do – we do not.
  9. Lack of confidence in the leadership.
  10. The amendment requires additional commitment.

b. In contrast, based on a mission congregation is totally focused on reaching out to the lost, who are not yet saved. I do a lot of things to attract people who do not yet know Christ. This question of whether we are leaning on membership or on a mission should be to decide by ourselves. Several features of the church based on the mission: Such a congregation treats and really fills its mission and purpose. Communicates reaching the lost. It has a dynamic vision of the action. It has a big heart to reach the lost , feels the burden of responsibility for the lost. These congregations focused on the Scriptures through practical application . In a creative way to communicate the Word of God . Take risks and the initiative to do something different. Leaders equip people to serve and allow them to serve. Worship is vertical in nature. People who are not believers are welcome there. So the church or congregation based on the mission is quite different than the church or congregation based on membership. The church member has a tendency to pessimism , focused inward , appreciates the traditions, the person is not saved, are kept at a certain distance, you can not belong to us until you believe as we do. Such thinking comes from the old man – you do not belong here, you’re not welcome here. There is a big difference between the churches / congregations – a missionary States. Often the songs members love each other instead of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit . Many songs worshiping horizontal, not vertical. One of these Churches is a healthy second sick. One is centered on Christ, and the other is submissive to visit. Therefore, many Assemblies of thought that are healthy and have been zwiedzone and live by themselves because they lost their original sense of mission and service to the Lord [1 Tim. 4/1;]. Questions to consider:

  • On it really is leadership and its tasks in the Church?
  • What the Holy Spirit has given gifts and talents to the people of the church?
  • How can we be faithful entrusted to the ministry?
  • How to implement Biblical truth in the church life?
  • Why did God expects of order in his meeting?
  • Why should appoint a small group home?
  • Why Every congregation has a duty to be a missionary?
  • Who can prepare new leaders?

Pastor of the Church / Zbigniew Rękorajski

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