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Text : 1 Corinthians . 1/17-18 ; reading / prayer Purpose: If we really grow , it needs to find a cross in the center of our life and ministry . [ Speaking cross we do not mean the tree but what made ​​there God in Christ ] Main idea: Cross plays an essential role in the process of spiritual growth. Introduction: I would like to present a picture of how a Christian can grow in a growing love for God and living faith , which allows him to lead a spiritual congregation of Christ and of his own life . Specifically , they will learn how to make the cross of Christ the center of our spiritual life. In this teaching will devote time issue spiritual character and try to build a strong foundation of Christian life is an area that demands our attention when leaders of the Church Assemblies or become spiritually shipwrecked because of this or that sin. How can we ourselves can we protect ourselves against breakage? As our love for God can be strong and not become? How can we grow in faith , to have a strong , vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ? I. WHAT IS SPIRITUAL GROWTH The priest continued growth is the work of God in the believer’s life , full sanctification of the individual. The word holy means here ‘ like God ‘. As our Christian growth of our moral condition adapts to our legal status before God [ as believers we are declared righteous]. Spiritual growth is a continuation of what was accomplished at the moment of salvation, when as believers have received new life. It is noteworthy that several characteristics of our growth . The Holy Spirit renew us so that we might become like God. But this transformation is a continuous process that is accelerated when we cooperate with God and other Christians. In his letter to the Philippians says, ‘ your own salvation with fear and trembling ‘. For ‘ God is in us and wanting perpetrator and act according to his will ‘ [ Phil . 2/12-13 ; ]. Here we see the partnership between us and God. We can not remain passive and think that God himself will shape us in His likeness. We need to be active, we need to ‘ seek ‘. It’s not about treatments associated with God’s acceptance. It is rather an expression of our understanding and grateful acknowledgment of the forgiveness of our sins and wash the blood of Jesus Christ and our adoption as children of God’s family. Often, in order to explain the spiritual growth process we use numbers or graphs. A. The ladder of spiritual growth Many believers perceive spiritual growth as a ladder. After which we climb . If we are very spiritual or godly , we believe that we are on the high level of the ladder , and if we are spiritual , we are at a low level . B. Death of my former self Others see spiritual growth as a process of exchanging the old sinful self for the new man created in Christ. Upon the death of the old man is born a new one. Then the person grows spiritually. This type of method for determining spirituality is not necessarily bad , but as we shall see later , there is a better way of understanding spiritual growth. II. THE ROLE OF THE CROSS In SPIRITUAL INCREASE A. Growing in Knowledge of God’s holiness The first part of the growth process requires a better knowledge of God. Lord declares through the prophet Jeremiah : ‘ Rather, who wants to boast , let him boast that it is intelligent and he knows me , that I am the Lord who shows mercy , rule of law and justice in the earth – this is I delight , saith the Lord  [ Jer . 9/23 ; ]. In the gospel [John 17/3;] Jesus says: ” And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and him whom thou hast sent Jesus Christ. Knowledge of God is the purpose and meaning of eternal life. The main aspiration in the Christian life should be to know God in truth. Hence, if still know Him in all His greatness, we become like Him . The key to the knowledge of God is to understand His holy nature. We learn to feel the same as the Apostle Paul when he said: I count everything but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord [ Phil . 3/8-11 ; ]. It is part of the process of sanctification. B. Learning to recognize your sin As we grow in the knowledge of God in all His perfection, we grow to know ourselves. Especially recognize our sinfulness so different from God’s perfect character. The closer we come to God, the more clearly we see that come from Him. The better we understand His glory, the more terrible it seems to us our sin . Increase awareness of our own sinfulness in the life of the Apostle Paul. In the year 55 AD, Paul refers to himself as ” the least of the apostles [1 Cor . 15/9;]. Later in the year 60 after Christ, Paul says of himself ” the least of all saints [ Eph . 3/8 ; ] . Still later, at the end of his life in the year 64 after Christ. Paul calls himself ‘ the first among sinners ‘ [ 1Tym.1/15 ; ]. Did Paul has become a greater sinner as he matured ? Certainly not here it comes . It seems, however, that his whole life during their developed his humility and sensitivity to their own sin. As he matured, he realized that some of his attitudes , but have not seen anything bad in them, were actually sinful. It is part of the process of spiritual growth. C. Awareness of gaps Realizing the gap between sinful man and Holy God was with faith in Jesus. Whenever a person is saved, the cross fills this gap. But even if we know Christ as Savior , we should still grow in the knowledge of God’s holiness and our sinfulness realization . This experience may be frightening. Knowledge of God and His holiness is an invitation to expose themselves, and this is a difficult experience for those who want to hide their faults and shortcomings. However, for mature Christians, the gap shows need for Christ and the greatness of his work done on the cross. So the cross becomes for us more and more important as far as we know God’s greatness . Is it better to know God , the more we feel unworthy before him . As this knowledge grows, we recognize the importance of forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. When we discover the greatness of God [ as Isaiah , when he saw the glory of the Lord in the temple or the nation of Israel , when he met God on Mount Sinai ] thus discover the true glory of our Savior. His blood washes us sinners and dressed in white robes , we draw even closer to this great and wonderful God the Father. III. OBSTACLES CHRISTIAN GROWTH If at some point we decided that Jesus paid the price to fill the gap between us and God , we try to make progress in our Christian growth . Many Christians struggle with one of the two major problems in the way of their growth in faith. A. Pharisaism – the problem of pride Many believers putting too much emphasis on deeds and falls into the trap of seeking acceptance with God and others through their behavior. Often, the focus shifts from the work of Christ on the cross in the direction of service to God. Like the Pharisees in the time of the NT . They live as if the Christian life consisted solely of what we do for God. The problem that then arises , is the fact that they are not aware of this case that there are other aspects of Christian life more important than service . These include, for example : knowing God and a personal relationship with Him [ Lk . 10/38-42 ; ] . Modern Pharisees falsely believe that they can bridge the gap between themselves and God with their own good deeds . Their motivation may be pride or desire to look other people in August . Good behavior is for these people base on which to build their reputation. Sin also influences on modern Pharisees in other ways. They can be confident that their sin does not matter to God. In this case, diminishes the importance of the cross. A person who thinks so , actually limits in your mind God’s greatness and think of God as someone smaller than it really is. Others may think I’m not such a great sinner . Is not it easier to see someone else sin than your own ? Why it happens ? Is it true that we have less of a problem with sin than others? If so , we think we are deceiving ourselves . And because we value too high in August , again diminish the importance of the cross. In order to avoid the Pharisees , we must grow in the true meaning of God’s holiness and our sinfulness . Noticing that teach us humility and realizes the need of God’s grace . B. Despair lack of faith Others have a different struggle . They recognize God’s holiness and their sinfulness , they despair because they do not know how to solve. They are trying to fill the gap with good deeds , but they feel that they will never be able to do enough good deeds to fully satisfy God. They strive to spend time in the Word of God , but tend to be days when you fail and feel terribly defeated in their walk with God. They try to keep the language in check , but when they fail , wondering how God could really love them . Because of all their failures come to the conclusion that it can never please God. Then they despair . The problem here is a lack of faith in what God has done . He has provided everything we need to be acceptable by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, [ Hb. 10/14 ; ] . We can not add anything to what He has already done . C. Answer: The cross must grow Two problems described above are substantially similar to each other . The Pharisees erroneously believe that they can earn God’s favor by their own works , while despair they see that they can not earn God’s kindness his deeds – which is actually true. In both cases, however, the principle of evil , because the main problem is to focus on zapracowaniu God’s acceptance . Since the problems are similar , the solutions are the same. Basically, if the gap is to be closed, the cross must grow . None of our efforts can not build a bridge over this chasm . As Paul said, God forbid that I should glory of anything , except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ [ Gal . 6/14 ,] . Jesus Christ and what he has done on the cross for us to gain more and more importance . We must believe in the reality of our new life in Jesus Christ . Although we are still prone to sin , God is merciful and forgives us our sin. We stand perfectly righteous in Christ only because of His work on the cross. We have become children of the living God, who has for us with love , delights in us and is committed to making us the image of Christ . Conclusion: The cross is our only hope for peace with God . There is no other place where sinners , even those justified , could meet with God – the only such place is the cross . If we want spiritual growth , we should focus on a more complete understanding of the reality of Christ’s work on the cross instead of doubling their efforts. Day after day, moment by moment , we must remember what he has done for us, Christ on the cross to remove our sin and giving us new life. In this understanding of sanctification , we understand that our body is bad until the day of our death in the flesh , so we will struggle with sin every day around us , problems , experiences , pride and temptations to evil . But at the same time learn about the life of Jesus Christ in us. As you grow in knowledge of God more and more change is in his likeness . Our inability to achieve this on its own is becoming increasingly clear , and sometimes more we rely entirely on Christ. The Gospel takes us more and more important and our need for Christ. We understand more deeply what we believed at the beginning . We remind ourselves of the truth of the gospel. By faith we make the work of Christ ‘s death and resurrection in our lives becomes more and more realistic shapes. What is really spiritual growth in the lives of Christians? How can we let the cross of Christ to grow in our lives? What is your greatest difficulty, which is struggling in the growth of the work of the cross in your spiritual life and ministry? Let us list a few truths that have occurred as a result of Christ’s death on the Cross and His resurrection? Pastor of the Church in Zory / Zbigniew Rękorajski

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