Testimony – Mieczysława Sadowska

Testimony – Mieczysława Sadowska My name is Mieczyslaw Sadowska . Hi all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to submit a certificate as there was faith in Jesus Christ in my life. When my husband left me with two small children in 1976 and went to another younger woman , my life is in ruins . I had the same deal with the education and maintenance of children. I was a young married woman was not able to come to terms with this situation , so their sorrows and despair drowning in alcohol, thinking that it is a solace and solution to my life drama . I did not drink alone but always found themselves comforters into the glass . This state drinking deepened with each passing day , month, and so continued for many years. When my sister Barbara and her husband , Zbigniew from Zory repent and accept Jesus Christ as their savior came to the family and also for me to tell them how God changed and delivered from a sinful life. When they invited me to his Zory seen their lives transformed , and was surprised I did not believe that God has the power to change a man . I liked them a happy life that go to the church , serving God and the people read the Bible , pray, and have fun. At the same time, the younger sister of her husband Leszek Danusia also repent of their preaching the gospel, and they had to be baptized . Then I also really wanted in your heart that life with God and be baptized , though not all understood yet . The baptism took place in Gliwice in the Baptistery in 1986. After returning from Zory hometown Piotrków come from me and my sisters , and brothers- glad , rejoice , I went to the meeting, which took place in the house of my sister Danusia and Leszek , who is now Pastor in Tomaszow , I was happy and satisfied with life. My joy was short-lived , a few months , the next sample, the experience of which I could not help myself , because I started to leave the meeting and fell into sin . I went back to the old way of life and the state of my spiritual and carnal deteriorated . Rolled down more and more, drank alcohol , smoked cigarettes, and the devil he led me by the nose . The effects of binge resulted in loss of life health – stroke and paresis of the right side of the body . But I thought to myself that if I pray every day that God forgives me and so persistent in this lie, cheat myself and apologized . This state lasted for 22 years. My conscience is constantly odzywało and pondered on why I do not live like my sisters , that as of baptism are free until now , and their husbands , whom God appointed as pastors in the Assemblies could not comprehend that God gives them the power to be able to serve Him . God saw the desire of my heart has kept me alive and gave me a second chance , so I showed mercy to repent . One day my daughter took me to her Silesia and started living there . Being with her I had a different life without alcohol and health status has improved , but still had a problem with smoking cigarettes. When I got better again attracted me to sin, to go in the Family Pages and went alone. I will tell you frankly that it was my last trip to Piotrków because being there a few days seeing my companions and their sinful life I already did not like it , I felt disgust for sin and disgust . God has turned me out of the wide road , I wanted to return to Silesia. This time I asked to see her son Jacek came after me . What kind of life I wanted to lead my son Jacek wife beatka , because they are also converted . Both serve God in the Church ” Vineyard ” in Rybnik . Jacek son plays in a band on guitar and sings Beatka willingly spend with them and I am glad that we have a common goal to serve God . Being with my sister Basia visiting on 04th October 2008 in Zory . When at night I thought a lot about my sinful life , I cried the whole night in a low voice and asked God to forgive me all that I’ve done so far. I apologized to God that s left of him . I promised that this was never to happen again. Knowing that walked away from God did not give me peace and asked for prayer that the Lord Jesus freed me from sin and smoking cigarettes. For the habit of cigarette smoking had the biggest problem. After the prayer, I felt a light because I was freed from sin and addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol. Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me the sins , cleanse me . I believe also that He died for my sins on the cross of Calvary . Since that day I have joy in my heart, love and peace , which had never had and I am now very happy. Now I know that I am truly free from all sins. When I’m with her ​​son Jack and Beatki ride with them to the service and build up spiritually. And when I’m with my sister Basia go with them to the church , to a group of Bible and meditating on the Word of God . I build my faith by reading the Bible , praying, and possibly bear witness friends, family, physical and say what God has done in my life. Always pointing to Christ as pity on me and gave a second chance. May I never lost that. God gave me the possibility that I could submit a certificate colleagues from the old company , they were very surprised by what happened to me and did not believe that so changed . I’m not ashamed of Jesus Christ, but what did I say in my life. To be with God is to keep His commandments , to renounce the pleasures of this world and serve others. God expects me to me to be faithful and obedient to Him. I am a happy mother , grandmother and great-grandmother , and I pray for my grandchildren to God to save them . Thank you Lord Jesus, that you ‘ll have eternal life. Be exalted Lord of heaven and earth for the fact that I forgave all our sins and by faith I received my salvation. Amen Amen

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