Before the foundation of the world

LETTER TO THE EPHESIANS 1/3-14 ; Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly ; 4 In it, he chose us before the foundation of the world , that we should be holy and without blame before Him , in love 5 Predestined us unto the sonship through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of his will , 6 To the praise of his glorious grace , which was given us in the Beloved . 7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins , according to the riches of his grace , 8 Which generously granted us in all wisdom and prudence, 9 Made known unto us according to his good pleasure , which it previously bestowed , 10 Mystery of his will , to the advent of the fullness of time to do it in Christ together in one all things , and what is in the heavens and what is on the ground in it, 11 In which also coincided with the participation of us to become his parcel , we designed for this from the beginning according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the plan of his will , 12 In order for us to contribute to the praise of his glory , we who first hoped in Christ had . 13 In him you also, who have heard the word of truth , the gospel of your salvation , and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit , 14 That is the pledge of our inheritance until the redemption of God’s possession , to the praise of his glory . BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD They wanted to remind ourselves of who we really are . The Apostle Paul and the Apostle Peter in his letters that say say the same thing does not get bored , but that by restoring the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ through this that keep repeating things they say it is our protection , such that we will remember this who we are and we will live according to the word of God and how they are expected to do so by God . For what we are called and ordained , what is the purpose of our life in Christ. Would like to start by saying that the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed us . It is not we who is liberated from sin, we do not have such power , but God Almighty sent His Son Jesus Christ because he so loved the world that he sent his son that no one was killed but everyone who believes in him according to the word of God will be saved, otherwise speaking will be saved from the wrath of God. And those who accept by faith the sacrifice of Christ are cleansed , are redeemed , are rescued are justified and incorporated into the body. Those who according to the word of Jesus Christ believe you will be included in the body – the church of Jesus Christ. Incorporated into the Church , baptized into the body of Christ , baptized in the Holy Spirit and we were made ​​to drink of the Holy Spirit, who became for us a guide , as we read that it is our pledge is our guide to this in order to attain eternal life , is a guide to this in order to live in power to to know the Lord Jesus Christ, to know His word and the will of God . Perform their life that is worthy of the gospel of Christ , who is worthy of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way , in which the Holy Spirit leads us , at least those who give him the lead . The Holy Spirit warns us from the consequences of life incompatible with the word of God and convinces us of things that are wrong before God’s throne. We read about the Holy Spirit , who convinces the “world ” of sin , righteousness and judgment , but just the same way we did when we read the word of God , when we want to study , when we look at it and when you want to really get to know them then the Holy Spirit and us shows what is sin in our lives, what is wrong in our lives, what is proper in this way leads us. Shows what is the righteousness of God and what is not justice , but do not leave us alone with this thought , look here, there have sinned not kept up as it should be , what you did is not fair to God, what are you doing in anger, it is not what makes a room. It leaves us with the same , that we have ourselves alone now with it , but sustains us and gives you the power that we can with this win. No man is able to cope with his sin , he must entrust his life to God , must all give in God’s hands . Sometimes we try to do some treatments to get rid of inappropriate behavior , inappropriate thoughts, but as we noticed , this is that what already would seem that it is better for a moment to this place returns . Why ? because in a way I’m trying to make these corporeal things , because they do not allow the Holy Spirit to really change my life and he wants to do it. But God wants us to Him their all one hundred percent of our lives and completely entrusted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. So he says ap. Paul, in I Corinthians 12/13 ;. (1 Cor. 12/13 ;) 13 Because also in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body – whether Jews or Greeks , whether slaves or free, and we were all made ​​to drink of one Spirit. Were baptized by one Spirit into one body , and the body is the church of Jesus Christ and to drink of one Spirit we were just so that we have the power to live worthy of the gospel and that we could give to God what belongs to Him . We have become a part of the body of the church of Jesus. Why God chose to lead in such a way that man? , Why has created something called the church ? And the word of God tells us that God has a plan conceived before the foundation of the world, before the world was God conceived a plan and that He loved it. God liked the plan in Christ Jesus , that creates a place where the disconnect of those who desire to live godly , who want to live a holy life from all sin , from all unrighteousness. And this will have already learned before the world was , that is, before anything man has done good or bad , God conceived a plan . I chose us before the foundation of the world that we were part of the church, part of the body of Jesus Christ. This does not mean that one has chosen and others rejected because he had such a whim. Not so , but God is pleased with anyone who desires to give their lives to Christ will be incorporated into the body, the church whose head is the Lord Jesus Christ . Such is the will of God , so that everyone who wants to serve him , everyone who loves him , anyone who wants to know him has been incorporated into the body of Jesus Christ. This election, we received this call we received related to the fact that the will of God is that he wants us to be holy and without blame . Because he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world just so that we were before Him holy and without blame in love. Now we read a verse from 1 Peter Letter. ( 1 Pet . 1:17 ) 17. A if you call on the Father, the one who without partiality judges according to each one ‘s deeds , live in fear throughout the time of your … Live in fear , what is fear and what we do not have no doubt about it , we do not to spin yourself some of its definition is read the exact definition of which is given the word of God from Proverbs what is the fear of God , who it turns out and who did not turns out , the fear is simply to be afraid of someone who is timid is the one who is afraid. A fear of the Lord that is to have the fear of the Lord. ( Prov. 8:13 ) 13 Fear the Lord – means to hate evil ; hate shoes and arrogance , evil deeds and perverse speech . And everything that is associated with all unrighteousness . This is so that we continue in the fear of God. So, just like what we read of Peter preceding verses speak; (1 Pet . 1:15-16) 15 But the example of the saint who called you , be holy yourselves also in all your proceedings , 16 As it is written, Be ye holy for I am holy. Be holy ” … for I am holy . ” And holy does not mean anything else but disconnected from sin , just disconnected from all kinds of sin and our actions , our lives should look like in a way that is disconnected from any kind of sin. From all unrighteousness , that when it is committed if the loss of the fear of God . Because if we do it knowing that it is not sinful behavior then perhaps I’m not afraid of God. I do not fear that sometime in your anger will repay me for that just as I do. I do not fear God , I think I put myself on a par with God that I ‘m not afraid of him . And yet he wants to separate us from every kind of evil that we can confidently stand before Him and not be devoured by fire. And in that holiness , in any proceedings have to be blameless in love. So how are the words of the Lord Jesus, ” teach what it means to want mercy … ” What is mercy , whether it is harming another, whether it is wrong to talk about the other person , whether it is angry with the other person. Is that making love . Ap. John wrote in his letter that he who does not love his brother , does not love your neighbor whom he has seen can not love God whom he has not seen. A clear and simple definition . If a man who can see with his own eyes you can not love it like you love God whom you can not see that is beyond your sight and sometimes the reason. So anyone who does not love his brother , who does not love his neighbor still lives in the dark is not disconnected from sin but is disconnected from God. And that God does not desire for us , because even before the foundation of the world expressed their will that we may live blameless in holiness and filled with love of God. And as Jesus says, ” … be ye perfect as my Father is perfect .. ” But we can not be perfect in nothing but in love because we can not be so perfect as the Father is perfect. But love can be perfected . Next he says that love the bond of perfection. And if I do not love it I really do not have anything . We as ap. Paul expressed in his letter to the Corinthians just ” sounding cymbals ” who can and talk about love but at heart they are really far from God. Before the foundation of the world predestined us to sonship also . Let’s see how much the Lord has done for us that we took and adapted by propagation us ( re- birth ) in Jesus Christ as sons and his daughters . It means he wants to have with us the bond that began in the Garden ” Eden ” with Adam and Eve where among them was walking , where among them freely moved , where Adam and Eve had with him a very good community until they sinned . As long as sin separated them from the Holy and righteous God . So God wants this relationship with us, because it did not create man so that he himself lived as he wants and what he wants to do himself and what he wants and when he wants . But created man to share with him his love , to share with him what this bond is three one God . The fullness of his love , that this love was reciprocated God . In this sonship also predestined us to that we inherited with Christ. Are we here on this earth any legacy , or what surrounds us is our heritage. The Bible says that it is all turned to dust , that is what we have today , what we have today is ever eat moths and rust destroy . It is not our heritage . Heritage is prepared for us in heaven. This is our inheritance in Christ , the promise that God has given us in Christ , that when you finish this course , we will live righteously , that we live in faith and obedience to His word. It will be viewed him face to face, we see Christ as He is , that those promises which he has given us will be fulfilled . The time will come when there will be trouble when there is no toil , when there is no injustice , when there will be anger, when there will be tears, when there will be no oppression and injustice but God himself will be justice and God himself will be light and refuge of all who are in the place to find it. This is precisely the legacy undefiled , niezwiędłe and nieznikome for which Christ paid a high price. Also, in Christ we are to announce the mysteries of God. As we read , that we said , because he did not tell this secret to the world , but I told her church that Christ is the one which is connected to what is on the ground of what is in heaven , that everything will be in Christ together. Today, this combination takes place in the church. Today in the church we are connected with God. In the body of Christ. There is no connection outside the church , a man can not ask the outside of the church of God , unless you want to be born again and ask Him for His grace . But if he wants to have fellowship with God, it is not possible , because only in Christ, the God conceived the will before the foundation of the world. Only in Christ can be connected to the same bond that had Adam and Eve . This is what the beginning was connected it today happens in the body of Jesus Christ , that we have again this bond and good fellowship with God the Father. And the secrets that we have to announce to all and sundry that the Lord Jesus Christ is just that through which we can get closer to God , that Jesus Christ is the light that Jesus Christ is the way and the door through which you can come to the Father , you can get close to father. But no different as he says the word of God is not my way not according to its principles , according to his thoughts but according to how God has ordained . According to what is His will that is fully described in God’s word. As soon as we believe that it is God’s word it has no other option , mute others through which we come closer to God. There is not one such person , the people who could make us closer to God apart from Christ our Lord . Which became the sole mediator of a new covenant for which also shed his most holy blood. We were meant for this to become a part of the body part of the church. And as in the beginning we read that God has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing and that blessing is available only to those who are in Christ . This blessing is available to those who are in the church , for those who are included in the body of Jesus Christ . You could say that the blessing of it, it is nothing else like endowment . Let’s see what God has gifted us . All spiritual blessing . He gave us new life gave us justice, give us wisdom so that we can by no act . He gave us prudence , gave us the word of knowledge , gave us the word of wisdom , gave us all kinds of gifts we have been blessed by them . None of these blessings , none of the gifts , which is granted by the Holy Spirit is not available if you are outside the body , if we are outside the church . Sometimes we understand ourselves so that if I was converted so now I am a member of the church – the body of Jesus Christ , but I can sit at home , I can pray there , I can read myself , and so I will be blessed and your action I will have God’s blessing , God’s favor . But it is not, because the Bible teaches us as if on two aspects of the church where the church is the local community and only those communities that make up the church is the body of Christ. And if I’m not in some local communities if I am not a member of a church or community can not also be a blessing to shoot at me. Therefore, each of us should have to find a community in which he wants to be , which wants to serve God in which you want to grant to the blessing flowed through it for those who zgromadzają together in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s blessings are His gifts given by the Holy Spirit to serve everyone . It’s a blessing or gifts or gift is not given like for one person , it is not owned by the one person, but this gift which this person has been endowed with the blessing which the person has been blessed to serve others and to be able to take advantage of this . To meet the needs of other members of the community . But it can not be just one person because one person never possess all the gifts nor all the wisdom that is available in the church , but God threw everything in the body of Christ to all people . That’s why we complement each other , so we have each other to build. It can not be that only one has any right to anything that tries to do that he assigns himself the right to the fact that he is blessed and others that have to sit and listen and not give them the opportunity to order and they also showed in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. But every gift and every skill of a member of the church is to serve and meet the needs of each of us . I need to Romek has served me and needs me Romek has served him myself. The same Maciek needs someone he attended the same one needs to Maciek he ministered . There is no possibility that we live for ourselves and for ourselves we hide the gifts that we have received in Christ . And all this is that we would have learned , bought wisdom. That we learned and developed and thereby contribute to the worship and praise of God. And now here the question arises , to what extent I I contribute to glorify God in my life what extent it affects that God is glorified how my life affects the others see me and they want it to exalt the worship of God in the sense of they want to serve Him and follow His plan , His work ? as I just fill God’s plan as I adapt it to God’s will. In what I fellowship with the Holy Spirit to guide me and I could perform the work that has been designed for all of us . Because each person has to perform his job. There is no such thing that someone is unemployed and has nothing to do, that can only come and sit on a chair and do nothing . What I’m incentive for others to magnify God . Is looking at me , for my life see some encouragement for this to serve God , to exalt to God , to give thanks to God for everything that we provides for his life and for the person who serves . But God this person in such a way leads that gives him such a blessing that he shared these gifts that do not leave this to yourself. What I am encouraging and like me I contribute to this God would be glorified and exalted. Often we turn to God in prayer , and we bless you , Lord, but what? if we do not read the word that is less than the greater receives a blessing. It endows the larger smaller . What I really bless God , what can I give Him what you already have not . I can only say that I can blissfully glorify God , I bless him I can not because I have no where . It is He who has blessed me and all of us with every spiritual blessing that is available to the church. But I can jam him just happily praise and ap. Paul says let it be blissfully – let praised be exalted , let him be glorified , let him be praised for what he did for our lives, for what he has given us , for everything you wanted in your will. Instead it chose to reveal the mystery of the church , but that he wanted us to equip us to be able to proclaim this mystery . This is what we have been given – the Word of God – the gospel , all the gifts in the form of all wisdom and prudence have to teach us and show what is the will of God and how to fulfill it , which is good and pleasing to God and our Savior . He has to teach us how to use God’s blessings given to us in Christ that God was exalted, glorified , blissfully – praised by all. AMEN Preacher / Krzysztof Ołubek

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