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What you accepted Jesus into your home

What you accepted Jesus into your home The Word of God – Luke 10/38-42 ; 38 And when they went, they entered a certain village : and a certain woman named Martha received him into the house. 39 This had a sister , and her name was Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his words . 40 But Martha was busy near a different ministry, and came and said: Lord, if you care anything about it , that my sister has left me alone , I served the ministry ? So tell her to help me . 41 Answered and said unto her, the LORD : Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things ; 42 And much needed, because only one ; Mary has chosen that good part , which shall not be taken away from her. How to invite, invite Jesus into your home? Many of us enthusiastically invited Jesus into their homes , into your life, into your heart , but later bustles near various ministries to forgetting what sets the Word of God for the Bible- believing people. We need to address the issues that affect the life eternal, close communion with God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son of God Jesus Christ. Marty negative attitude to the person of the Lord Jesus , let it be for us a warning and exhortation. Imagine that, one day a friend invites you to his house , and when they are, accompanied by a television, then doing general cleaning in your garage, washing the car in front of the house. As you begin to feel as a guest in his house? After some time, going back to the room where you sit with his brother having pretensions why you did nothing to help his brother.

  1. Why is it so often is treated badly savior of the world , the Lord of Lords and King of Kings in the lives of many people who invited him ?
  2. How do you treat it you and me?
  3. How can Jesus be seen in my personal life, home, family?

A positive attitude of Mary to the person of the Lord Jesus , science and words. Use good Lord’s coming to your house , because the second time it may not be . Sit down in the congregation of the Lord at His stupas and heed the words which has for life , power, love and peace that surpasses all understanding. Do you care about the things of the Lord is for me the most important thing in my life and the way the Lord Jesus , and that I make every day a good choice, this one correct particles , which says the Lord Jesus. We need to make the right and good choices , teaches us the Lord Jesus through the word. Let us live for Jesus and His gospel, that changes the world, human life and gives us life after death in the presence of God forever and ever. Pastor of the Church in Zory / Zbigniew Rękorajski

Added: 23/02/2014

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