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Characteristics of the biblical Church

Zory, on 02.03.2014 year Characteristics of the biblical Church Text: Matt. 16/18; , 1Cor. 12/27; Construction, which we raise must be based on God’s Word the Bible. God bless your work, not human. I. All communities need a Biblical foundation [Eph. 2/19-20;] All communities need a biblical foundation for the edifying of the body, the church of the living God, whose founder is Jesus Chrystus. W result, proper entry into relationship with God, we are no longer strangers but walked in covenant, we become sanctified, the household of God building blocks for the Word of God. Jesus is the main a principle of [substrate] for the Church, the cornerstone and the apostles, where he breathed his spirit. II. Biblical Nature of the Church  [Eph. 1/22-23, 2/21-22;] [Matt. 6/33;] Biblical Nature of the Church are not material things, but look for the kingdom of God and his power, justice, and being open to the Holy Spirit. In addition, we need to be the head of the Church, together building the apartment in the Spirit. a) What makes the Church is spiritual?  [John 4/23-24 ;] b ) What the Church should strive?  [1 Cor. 14/1-6; , 12;] III. Rejection of stone constituent  [Mar. 7/5-13; ] [ Acts 4/11 ;] Many builders have rejected God and Jesus Christ as the cornerstone and mainstay of the Father in their buildings and maintain their own learning, saying that they are building on the message of God’s Word. IV. The Bible warns against evil teachers   [1Tim. 4/1-2;] The Bible teaches us to look for the kind of community where we can serve God in spirit and in truth. Paul says that the Spirit expressly says that in later times people depart from the faith, to deceitful spirits. V. The need to build on the foundation of the Word of God   [2Tim. 3/16; , 4/3-4;] We need to build a church on the foundation of the Word of God according to the dictates of God and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles. The biblical foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ 1 ) The teaching of Scripture. [Eph. 4/11-12;,16; ] [Acts 5/42;] 2 ) Prayer, the community, the breaking of bread and the duration of the study. [Acts 2/42;] 3 ) Death of an old man by water baptism. [Rom. 6/3-7;] [Gal. 2/20;, 3/27;] [Col.2/12;] 4) The gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ministry. [1Cor.12/4-11;] 5 ) Baptism in the Holy Spirit. [ Matt. 3/11;] 6 ) Sanctification and discipline of the spiritual life. [2Tim. 4/2;] [Heb.12/14;] 7 ) Providing assistance to the poor and orphans, self-sacrifice. [Jam. 1/27;] 8) Submit testimony among the people not belonging dodo Jesus. [Matt.10/32-33;] [Luk.9/26;] 9) Giving glory to God by prayer in spirit, mind , and singing. [1Cor.14/2;, 14-17;] 10 ) The formula Assembly of God. [1Cor.14/23-26;] 11) The Lord’s Supper in the Church and its validity . [Joh. 6/53-57;] 12 ) Preparation of workers and servants to serve. [Eph. 4/12-13;] [2Tim. 2/2;] VI. Church / εκκλησια [ called out, tear out] 1. The church is not a building [ Acts 7/48;, 17/22-2;] 2. The true worshipers of God the Father [Joh.4/20;, 23-24;] 3. The Church is more than a building [1Cor. 1/2;] VII. Church are the representatives of God and the Lord Jesus  [2Cor . 5/19-20;] Church is elected, called out, called people [ Ex.19/6;] [Joh.15/16;]. ‘Church is the Body of Christ and the temple of the Spirit Świętgo, as well as the body of the individual is a member, whose head is Jesus Christ. [2Tim.1/14;] [ Acts 8/15-16;] [1Cor.3/16;] [Eph.1/22;]     [Col.1/8;] In true Biblical Church of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is not a form of reserve but needed for the growth of the Church. Because the essence of living, holy and pure Bible Church is a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the redeemed people. [Acts 9/31;] Inside Bible Church Was founded by the Church of the Lord Jesus, who laid his life for him died and rose again, and sent the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (ημεραν της πεντεκοστες) from that moment he began to work the living Church [Acts 1/1-8;], in which Christ is our savior, healer, give service, baptizes with the Holy Spirit and cares about his church being with him until the end of the world. Jesus has put the Church in a heavenly power and gave everything that is needed to divine life and take the biggest promises. [2Pet.1/3-4;] 1. Membership: by adopting the word , born of the Spirit [Joh.1/12-13;, 3/5-8;], baptism, or immersion in Christ Jesus ( Body) Church. Similarly, the Holy Spirit fills the Church, the people who are its members, led by Him. [Rom.8/14;] 2. Community: it is impossible to live the Christian life to its fullest sense of the word without living together with the community of God’s children. The Bible knows no such idea how lonely Christianity. In the New Testament real Christianity sanctifies and cleanses the joint community. [1Joh.1/7;], [Acts 2/42;] 3. Service : a service not only to build the Church of Jesus Christ, for example, to evangelize and to prophesy. The church is not built on its own foundation but has to be built on Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, who gives gifts to men in the Church. The true Church supports the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus [Eph.4/11-12;]. Paul shows the need for and dependence on each member of the Church of Jesus Christ. As the family of God, we can not treat the Church as an ordinary human organization , work and searching for our individual fame or satisfy personal ambitions , avoiding the burden of bringing the service. [1Cor.12/21;, 27-28;] Performing work as a leader at any level, obliges us always to humility. [ 1Pet.5/4-5;] One of the characteristics of leaders in the Church is to care for his flock of God which He purchased with His own blood. [Acts 20/28;] Leaders should not act as” Diotrephes ” but should work in the Lord as” ” Gaius, who lived in truth. [ 3Joh. v.1-9;] 4. His gifts: the body should continue on what Jesus began to do and teach [Acts 1/1;]. Donations and Gifts of Grace Ministries manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of the Church [Eph.4/7;] [1Cor.12/7-11;] [ Rom.12/3-8;] [1Pet.4/10-11;] 5. Glory : the life of the Church is not only, meet up but a specific goal of existence, make disciples of Jesus, when the Church sings, people do not learn the correct age or discipline. We need not only to believe, sing or pray but we must know what we believe in and if it is in accordance with the Scriptures. [Acts 2/47;] 6. The church is to be a witness: each according to vocation and destiny of the Church is to perform the service and witness what God has done in his life. [Acts 1/8;] [Matt.28/19-20;] [Mar.5/19-20;]  [Joh.4/39-42;] 7. Fidelity: fidelity is to obey God’s Word. Faithfulness should be characteristic of God’s people and the interior of the Church. Responsibility of every member of the Church for deterioration and unbelief [Mar.9/42-48;]. We need to counter the decline of morality in the community of God’s people where we stand steward. Leaders ( servants ) and members should remember the faithfulness of God. Inside the Church must be the fruit of the Spirit, which is the fidelity [Gal.5/22 f;]. The offended of the Pharisees true [Matt.15/1-4;,11-13;]. 8. Unity within the Church there must be a unity of science and understanding of the provisions of God and the way of God’s action in the Church [Eph.4/1-7;, 16;]. Jesus is the head we are his co-workers [1Cor.3/7-9;]. 9 Holiness Church should remain true holiness. Standing in the truth can be made by learning words and discipline. Life shows whether the Church has the nature of Jesus [Heb.12/14;] [1Pet.1/15-16;]. Church should not forget that he has to suffer for the gospel and holy life, and that is able to fight the spiritual battle. Jesus Christ conquered sin and the devil [Acts 14/19-20;]. At the end of a very important task for the Church of God: the preaching of the Word in good and bad times [2Tim 4/1-2;], correct and proper expounding the Word [2Tim 2/15;], do not fall away from the faith by the erroneous teaching [1Tim.6/20-21;]. Pastor of the Church in Zory – Zbigniew RĘKORAJSKI

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