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Żory, day 26.01.2014 year Sermon Bible The Word of God 2 Timothy 2/15; 15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. The task is to explain the Scriptures of God and His meaning. The sermon is to change people who obey him. If our preaching does not have the purpose and use, we pronounced it vainly. I.The sermon explaining Not everyone agrees with that sermon explaining whether or not any kind of sermons, are the urgent need for the Church. In some circles, holds the view that the sermon really should be abandoned. Running time removed them from life, and now points to other methods and pastoral duties, which can be more efficient and take the exam in the present. Often, the man behind the pulpit is the temptation of preaching anything but preaching the Word of God – we will tell monologue about left-wing or right-wing political systems, explains the theories of economics, new trends in religious philosophy, ancient religions, password and discusses current trends in the field of psychology, of his wife, children, family problems, financial issues / positive or negative / but this is not the preaching of the Word of God and Jesus Christ. II. People need a sermon explaining The preacher is not preaching Scripture, jeopardizes his authority, because it confronts the audience with the Word of God, but human. That is why modern sermons cause only yawning because they lack the power of God and the Holy Spirit. For God says in the Bible, which is His word to the people. The Bible is the greatest message, by which asks God to each of us. Therefore, biblical preaching should not be regarded as “outdated stories about Jesus and his love.” Through the preaching of the Word of God / Scripture / God comes into contact with people, to bring them to repentance and salvation [2Tim.3/15;] is not their story and to Christian maturity in the spiritual life [2Tim.3/16 17;] . Learning resulting from the text; a) Scripture is inspired, b) is useful for teaching, c) detecting errors, d) educates in righteousness. The sermon explaining the transmission of biblical truths illustrated through historical, grammatical, and literary study of the text, placed in context, that is the truth the Holy Spirit first applies to the personality and experience of the preacher, and through him to the audience. Do you I, as a preacher, I’m trying to bend his thoughts to the Word of God, or whether I use words to support their own thoughts. The Bible is the best preacher preacher. Preacher explaining the Bible confronts her people, instead of doing on the basis of a lecture on the history and archeology. People do not after they come to church to condemn Judas, Peter and Solomon, but to embed themselves and not other people. For example, imagine that Paul addressed a letter to the Corinthians , misplaced somewhere in the mail and instead to the Corinthians came to the Philippians. Philippians it was difficult to understand the issues , about which Paul wrote , as the living conditions of the guilty than their brethren of Corinth. List of New and Old Testament, like the Old Testament prophecies were directed to a specific group of people who have struggled with specific problems. Therefore, the contemporary sermon explaining remain without effect, until the preacher does not understand, that his listeners are also living at a specific address and have specific needs and way of thinking or imagination. In the end, the preacher does not speak for the entire human race , but to individuals , calling them by name. Dar pastor – teacher assumes perform both functions – as a pastor      / shepherd / and teacher. The sermon is part of the care of souls, and care for the soul expresses an understanding of the needs of the congregation / flock among which set me God / Spirit /. A good shepherd knows his flock. Some pastors are concerned about someone else’s flock, among which did not establish the Holy Spirit and people’s field of work. The sermon should: explain the thought of God , to prove that it is true, lead to the application of this science by students in order to achieve God’s purpose. III. The sermon must have a purpose Every preacher should ask yourself why he says this sermon? That’s the obvious question entails many vague answers. For example: On Sunday / morning / afternoon / expected of me that I say anything, so I say, because last week I spoke with one of Moses chapter 20, so this week I spoke with one of Moses chapter 21, others say because they want people to quit call / what have we motivations /? These goals apply to everything and anything hold fast to a particular science. Regardless of how great or even a biblical sermon, if there is no particular purpose, not worth deliver. As a preacher he has no idea what it was talking about the sermon. For example: Imagine that we ask hockey team, / what is the purpose of hockey? / Or team football or handball. At the ice rink are all kinds of activities or on the court driving on the ice rink / jogging around the pitch /, Pile puck into the goal, the attack, the administration puck or ball but the goal of the team should be to beat your opponent, and not just running around the pitch or riding on ice. The team that does not have a rooted firmly to his inside yourself, the game just for fun to jog around the pitch. This begs the question: / After what he says is a sermon? / Pastor, when standing face to face before the church has a large pool of resources to use such as – explains, illustrates, admonishes, justifies and gesturing. Regrettable, however, the priest, who does not want to understand that the sermon should swim to the way of life of the listeners, because it must have a purpose in life and the use of listeners. For example: Nobody gets better only because it knows that God created the heavens and the earth. Satan knows this as well, as he also knew Ahab , Judas Iscariot. No one is better only because it knows that God so loved the world, that for his salvation, he gave his firstborn son. In hell there are millions who can know it. Truth Biblical / Theological / is useless until we obey it. The purpose of teaching Bible doctrines is to bring all the dimensions of a fully Christ in the Christian life. Scripture is that we were, prepared for every good work of God [2 Tim.3/17 ; ]. Our goals , said the Apostle Paul to Timothy , fill through: teaching the doctrine , avoiding errors in faith and works, repairing bad teaching people proper conduct in life. Therefore, we should know what we preach and how to do it. Prepare a sample sermon together and remember that everyone must ask ourselves when considering the text – such as to whom is spoken, / to a particular group , a man of the church, the church / Look who’s talking, / God, Jesus, a Pharisee, a devil, a scholar, someone casual / why /              I should know or use / as / I can apply today / Why, / I know / Is it true, / who is affected / etc. Conclusion : What will from now on my approach to the Word of God. Is this what you teach, lead people to eternal life. Why does my sermon should have a goal. 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