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The new birth through the word of God

BIRTH BY THE WORD OF GOD WITH GOD SEED BORN, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD. Text: John 3/1-21; We must become new creatures through the birth of God through His Word. God’s truth is not to be missed to enter the Kingdom of God. Today we want to understand:

  • Who Jesus is the savior?
  • How can we be born again?
  • When we are included in the body of Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus Christ is the only savior?
  • What characters are accompanied by believers and how to take them?
  • What are dead works?
  • What does it mean baptized in Jesus Christ?  [Etc.]

The first step in the Christian is born again , you receive the Word and be born of water and the spirit , to be incorporated into the Church as the Body of Jesus Christ. [Eph.5/23;]

  1. He became a savior to all who obey him  [Hib.5/9;].
  2. Was born into the kingdom of His beloved Son?

a. by birth we become partakers of the family of which we are born ….. b. if born in Poland , I believe that I am a Pole , and also a citizen of this country ….. c. access to all the promises of God and the kingdom of God , gives us a new birth , which Jesus said to Nicodemus …… Peter, when he delivered the first sermon, given the pattern of reconciliation with God, and the way to come to God. [ Acts 2/38-41;] I. Jesus said : John 3/3 , – if they are born not re [ again ] John . 3/5 – if you can not be born of water and the Spirit Newly birth is necessary to be saved because they are entering in a proper relationship with God. It must be made first before we can enjoy the bounties of God , which the Bible says . II. Newly Christmas is not just about : a intellectual acceptance of Christianity , b fulfilling religious duties , c recitation of prayers , d reading of the Bible , e the observance of moral principles , f good works , g or any of those things that some people believe that they can be saved. Nicodemus, which turned to the Lord Jesus speaking of the newly born fulfill most of these conditions: went to the temple every day, it was not like the others , a robber , a thief, a swindler or an adulterer , was a teacher and religious leader prayed give tithes of all achievements , He fasted twice a week , was fluent in the Scriptures . The Lord Jesus says to him , you must be born again . Eph.2 / 5 ; , 8; For by grace we are saved it is the gift of God ….. ….. Eph.2/10 ; God predestined us to good works …… Gal.2/21 , then I do not frustrate the grace of God because if the …….. Rom.11 / 6 ; And if by grace it is no longer by works …….. III. Jesus said the most important words to him: [ John 3 / 7 ; ] a) must be (all) to the newly born. IV. So how can I be born again ? Those who received Him ( the Word ) Jesus says I am the word , he gave the right to become only the Children of God, because born of the seed of God [ word ] . Which were born, not of blood and flesh will of man , but of God’s will. [John . 1/12-13 ; ] [ Acts 2/41 ; ] Those who received His Word were baptized …….. [How . 1/18 ; ] When prompted , reborn us through the Word of truth ……. [ 1Pet . 1/23 ; ] The newly born not of corruptible seed [ Human ] But the incorruptible seed of [God ] , through the Word of God [ 1Pet . 1/25 ; ] And this is the word that was preached to us ……… Many people think that it will be able to achieve the goal [ salvation ] without God , of his own purpose and strength. Millions of people die without being pojednanymi with God according to God’s plan for man’s redemption through the sacrifice of God’s Son Jesus Christ, which has through the passion and death on the cross you redeem mankind . The Lord Jesus attaches great importance to the new birth , saying [ You have ] to be born again . Are you born again of water and of the spirit ? Jesus does not ask whether you have good deeds ? V. Those whom the Spirit of God leads are the Children of God  [Rom. 8/14;] Living according to the flesh: fornication, impurity, licentiousness , idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, intrigue, feuds, treachery, murder, drunkenness, gluttony, etc. …   [Gal.5/19-21;].  Example: Noah’s Ark ST / NT 1Pet. 3/21; Ark Some people think that just drinking, smoking or stealing is a sin , as if there were no other wickedness , all people need a transformation of your life. If the Spirit is leading us is the fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, kindness, joy, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, etc. [Gal.5/22;] Those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires [Gal.5/24;] Therefore: good deeds , external improvement of life, going to church , performing religious duties , not replace new birth , a dead man – dead works, in Christ, God has predestined us to good works . What about my past sins – committed to today . Jesus likens many people like the hypocrites , who are whitewashed tombs inside full of extortion , dead men’s bones and all uncleanness . VI. The teachings of Jesus and the Apostles is shown in the early church as described in Acts How to accept the salvation that God has prepared for:

  •     what we do husbands brothers ….. [ Acts.2/37;, 16/ 30;]
  •     Repent ( turn back ) REPENT ….. [ Acts.2/38-39;, 3/19;]
  •     confession that dwelt word ….. [ Acts.19/18 ;, 22/16;]
  •     be baptized in the name of Jesus …….. [ John 15 / 3;]

It preached the Word cleanses us , Jesus says , I am the word , the way and the truth. VII. Since you should start your learning [Heb. 6/1-2;] The dead man dead deeds / Atonement – sorrow for sin. Repentance – metanoia The total return in human life , changing the way of thinking , a reversal from Satan and sin and turn back to God. [Rom.12/2;] Very Important – read. [2Cor.5/17-19;] Justified according to God by faith, we have peace with God and not my own justification      [Rom. 5/1;] The method of reconciliation of man with God …… the sacrifice on the cross . Because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead , thou shalt be saved [ Rom. 1o / 9; ] Was it already in your life , that you asked Jesus : 1. Lord Jesus, you are the word which purifies through the blood that shed on the cross for me …….. 2. I want to invite you into their lives and adopt as their personal Savior ……….. 3. Dwell and reign in my heart by his spirit …….. 4. Forgive me my sins ……… 5. Jesus save me ….. Pastor of the church in Zory / Zbigniew Rękorajski

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